Traditional Smokey Eye

Recently I have seen a lot of YouTubers creating a traditional smokey eye with just 2-3 shadows. These shadows being a black and a light-medium brown to blend. I have not used black eyeshadow all over the lid in a really long time, so I wanted to try this out and see how I liked it. Back in the day, whenever I did a smokey eye with black eyeshadow I would use gray with it and created a more cool toned eye. I will list the products I used as I mention them.


-To start this look you need to prime your eye lids. I just use a medium concealer to this. (Maybeline FIT me in 25 medium)

– The next step is optional but I recommend doing it to make your black shadow look bolder. Take whatever black eyeliner you have and make a thick line close to your lash line. Next take a small blending brush and blend the shadow onto your lid.

– Take a black eyeshadow (I used Mac Carbon) and pack it on your lid. Focus it on the lid and make sure not to go up to your crease.

– The key to this look is blending the shadows. You are then going to work with a light brown eyeshadow. I also used a medium brown to add a little more depth in the crease (both shadows were used from my Morphe Brushes JH favorites palette). Slowly blend your brown shadow into your crease. This is going to help blend out your black shadow and achieve the smokey look.

-Continue adding black and brown shadows to your liking.

-Lastly, take the same eyeliner you used earlier and line the top and bottom waterlines. To smoke out your bottom lash line, you want to take your light brown shadow on a small brush and sweep it back and forth.

Thats it! I have not perfected this look what so ever and it might look crazy the first time you try it but don’t give up. IMG_9697
I love how sultry this eye look is. I think that is what made me want to try it every time I saw it!


Side note- I HATE how dark my under eyes photograph! I have concealer on but it looks like I don’t every time I take a picture. I need to try the orange concealer trick.



I paired this look with a nude lip. I used Wet and Wild’s “Bare it All”

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