Review- Wet and Wild Lipstick

Wet and Wild

I have mentioned before that I am not the biggest lipstick user. I have really thin lips and have never liked using lipstick. I have slowly started trying to be more adventurous and wear it more often. I picked up two lipsticks from Wet and Wild while on a trip to my local drugstore. I have heard a lot of really good reviews and for $2 I wanted to try them out myself.

I decided I wanted to pick up a nude color and a dark purple or wine color for fall. I had no idea that there was a Wet and Wild sale (40% off!) and ended up walking away paying under $1 for each lipstick! I really should have bought every color (I know,kicking myself for that decision).


The first color I picked up was 902C Bare It All.


This is such a great peachy nude shade! I am really happy I picked this color up, it was exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend getting this shade if you are in the market for a great, inexpensive nude.


The last shade I picked up was 918D Cherry Bomb.


This whole dark lip trend has had me falling in love ❤ I am double tapping pretty much every dark lip picture I see on Instagram, (@alainasteiner) I just can’t get enough! From deep wine colors to dark purples, I really wanted to try this out myself. Once again, Wet and Wild did not disappoint and I was all vamped up about this color (pun intended).


Here are swatches for both with just one quick swipe!

902C Bare It All
918D Cherry Bomb

Do you have any other Wet and Wild colors you love? Comment below!

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Fall Bags To Lust Over

I can not get enough of these bags! Here are the colors and styles of bags that have caught my eye in the past few months.
Fall Bags

Yves Saint Laurent retro handbag
$1,795 –

Michael Kors bucket bag
$385 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors beige purse
$495 –

Lipsy structured tote bag
$61 –

What are you lusting over?
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Where have I been?!

I know I am not the only one who has been in a creative rut before. Let’s be frank it sucks! I know that the one key point in having a successful blog is constant posts. I have slapped my hand for my disappearance and hope that my followers don’t hate me 🙂 So besides my creative rut where have I been? Well here are some random updates..

Recently, I started a part time job. The job hunt in LA has been pretty rough for me. It has been a struggle finding a job in Marketing but I won’t give up. As for now I am really enjoying my new job. Everyone is really nice and works great together which is something that I look for.

I have been trying to enjoy the outdoors a little more. I try and spend as much time as I can outside. The weather has finally cooled down a little which has been helping. Surprisingly, LA actually had pretty crappy weather the past 2 months. Besides the  SEVERE draught was in the 100’s.

Georgia Football= Every Saturday ❤

What have I recently purchased that I have been loving…

My iPhone 🙂


A complete surprise! My old phone was perfectly adequate and I wasn’t going to get a new phone, however my dad called me and told me to pick out a new phone because I had an upgrade. Hello new gold iPhone I love you. My thoughts: I am glad I got the 6. I was just like everyone else going back and forth of which phone I wanted (#firstworldproblems) and became quite annoyed at how much time I took trying to make a decision. The 6 is a perfect size for me, I still think it seems so much different than my 5. The software on mine was really lagged for a while. I know this comes with a new phone and will get better. It was nothing that was too awful so it didn’t really bother me.

All Things Pumpkin 


Just like pretty much every girl in America is obsessed with all things pumpkin and I am guilty! To be honest I have loved pumpkin ever since I was little so it’s not just being apart of a trend for me. Thanksgiving was and is my favorite holiday just to eat a ton of pumpkin pie. Pumpkin season is the best and I have purchased (not all pictured) every pumpkin that I can afford.

Taylor Swift’s New CD 1989


As you can tell this is a very recent picture. Don’t hate appreciate. This album is jam!


IMG_6560-1Does this surprise you?

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Italian Breakfast Sandwich


I had a random craving for a breakfast sandwich and whipped this up with the ingredients I had in my fridge. I was hooked! This is a simple recipe that is PACKED with flavor. If you give it a try let me know:)


What you need


  • Sesame Bagels (1 bagel)
  • Soppressata (1 slice)
  • Asiago Cheese (1 slice)
  • Eggs (1 Egg)
  • Dry Basil (Not pictured)
  • Black Pepper (Not pictured)
  • Red Chili Flakes (Not pictured)
  • Butter (Not pictured)


  1. Scramble and cook eggs with a dash of basil, black pepper, and red pepper flakes. You will want to cook them a little less then you usually eat them because they will cook a little longer in the toaster oven.
  2. Toast your bagel with a little bit of butter only until it is lightly toasted.
  3. Take the bottom bagel and add your soppressata, eggs, and then cheese. Place the top of the bagel on and toast until the cheese is melted (just under 2 minutes)
  4. Enjoy!IMG_6286.JPG

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MOTD- Sunshine

Recently, I have been loving this Lancome palette I have. I was inspired to create this look from the yellow shade and worked from there!

20140907-174809-64089460.jpg IMG_6299

From left to right:

Laura Mercier- Eye basics in ‘Eyebright’ (used for priming my eyes)
Maybelline- FIT Me Concealer in ’15 Fair’
Dior- Hydra Life BB Creme (Sample Size)
Elizabeth Mott- Smooth shadow pencil in ‘Penny’ (used for waterline)
Korres- Mascara in ‘Obsidian Black’ (Sample Size)
Mary Kay- Lipstick in ‘Sweet Nectar’
Starlooks- Lipliner in ‘Bare’

Lancome Eye & Face Palette


1- ‘Pose’ I placed pose on the outer corner of my lid and the outer corner of my lash line.

2- ‘Center Stage’ I packed on this color from the inner corner of my lid to the middle. I then placed it from the inner corner of my lash line to the middle.

3- ’24 Karat’ This was the color that I used to blend the first two colors. I only used a little bit of this color at a time with a fluffy brush making sure that there were no harsh lines.


NYX Cream Blush in Bronze Goddess. I used this as my bronzer applying it with a Real Techniques stippling brush.

20140907-174809-64089162.jpg 20140907-174809-64089726.jpg 20140907-174810-64090025.jpg 20140907-174810-64090745.jpg 20140907-174806-64086247.jpg

Hope your day is full of sunshine 🙂

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Feeling Rosy

I personally don’t have a specific metal that I love over the other. From silver, gold, rose gold, etc. I was feeling rosy the other day and wanted to put together some rose gold pieces that caught my eye. Rosy

Michael Kors rose gold jewelry
$450 –

Hinged bracelet
$160 –

CC SKYE pave jewelry

Rose gold jewelry
$39 –

Rose gold jewelry
$28 –

Lipsy rose gold necklace
$26 –

What type of metal do you love to wear?
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FOTD- Nautical Navy

I have always loved blue eyeshadow. It is probably one of the scariest colors to use. However, if you just work with it and find what works for you it is a great color to use!20140831-235239-85959875.jpg

I loved working with these two blue colors. Unfortunately my camera didn’t capture the true blues that they are so I swatched them too.




Products I Used


Smashbox- Liquid Halo HD Foundation ‘2’
Maybelline- FIT Me Concealer ’15 Fair’
Physicians Formula- Bronzer/Blush Duo ‘Bronzer/Ginger’
Stila- Highlighter in a pallette

Maybelline New York Master Precise by Eye Studio liquid liner
Maybelline New York Pumped Up! Colossal Mascara
Mary Kay- ‘Silky Caramel’ and ‘Denim Frost’
Lancome- ‘Glamorize’
Victoria Secret- White shade in the duo ‘Hold On’



PS- My shirt is from J.Crew if anyone was wondering.

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Sweet and Spicy Bacon

One word…BACON! Unless you are a vegetarian or don’t eat bacon because of your religion you pretty much love everything wrapped in bacon, am I right?! I love mixing up bacon in different dishes that I make for breakfast. One recent favorite is this sweet and spicy bacon. YUM! If you are looking to shake things up a little you need to try this out.

What You Need

Cayenne Pepper

Brown Sugar20140904-163745-59865531.jpg


What To Do

Preheat oven to 355 degrees.


Lay your bacon flat on a baking sheet. 

20140904-163742-59862866.jpgLightly sprinkle the cayenne pepper over the bacon and rub the brown sugar on top. You can coat both sides but this time I just did the one side and it was exactly how I like it.

Simple as that! You can make it as sweet or spicy as you want.

Bake for about 20 minutes. I usually just keep an eye out for it and see when it is to me liking.



Mmm bacon.

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